Let’s face it. House hunting can be a lot of work. This is especially true in today’s competitive market when open houses are as quick to be scheduled as the homes are to sell.

In hot markets like the Seattle area, where inventory is low and demand is high, you need to take every opportunity to standout from the crowd. Use these tips to make your next open house a success as a buyer:


Tour Before the Open House

There’s no better way to beat the crowd than to show up first. Once a home is listed, most homeowners will allow you to visit, even before their scheduled open house.

Touring the house in advance means you can inspect the property without maneuvering around other potential buyers or dealing with a hovering seller’s agent. Plus, if you want to submit an offer, this will allow you to draft and submit it in advance!


Get to the Open House First

Don’t have time to tour in advance? The next best thing is to show up to the open house first. While it’s always nice to avoid a hovering seller’s agent, there’s something to be said for developing a sincere rapport. You never know, this could help your offer end up on the top of the pile.


Go Even on Weekdays

Yes. Your weekdays are typically busy with work. But the same is also true for other potential buyers. Attending a weekday open house is another way to beat the crowds.

Don’t Just Look at the Home. Explore the Neighborhood Too.

The layout and amenities of your future home will certainly play a role in your day-to-day life. But so too will the neighborhood. Don’t overlook the importance of its surroundings. Consider the noise level and the neighborhood demographics. For example, if you have small children, selecting a neighborhood where other families also have small children might be in your family’s best interest.


Temper Your Emotional Attachment

Remember, there are other homes on the market. Keep your excitement about one particular home to a minimum until your offer is accepted. Falling in love with a home you don’t get is one of the quickest ways to feel defeated. Worse, it can cause you to enter a costly bidding war.

Before you go house hunting, make sure you are pre-approved. Contact me and my team today.