Really excited about your new home? Watch out. Your four-legged family members probably won’t share your enthusiasm.


Changing homes can be unsettling for your dog, as it can cause them to be insecure. They may become anxious, sensitive, and even scared. It could bring about behavioral issues that previously weren’t a problem.


To make sure your pup makes the transition as easily as possible, use these tips to reduce (or eliminate) their stress.


Keep Their Routine as Normal as Possible

Their home is going to change. That’s a given. But try and keep their schedule as consistent as possible. This means sticking to established meal times, keeping up with regular walks, and making sure they have their favorite toys and blankets.


Don’t Pack Their Favorite Items

Thinking an upgraded home for you means your dog deserves an upgraded bed, crate or toy? Try to resist the urge. As much as possible, keep the items they are familiar with until they become comfortable with their new home.


Let Them Explore

As you move in, let your dog get to know the space. Let them sniff the corners, wander in the yard, and lounge in all the rooms they are allowed. Giving them the ability to get to know their space will help them mentally recognize it as home.


Make Safety a Priority

It’s not uncommon for there to be a lot of boxes, suitcases, and precariously perched items during a move. These can be a landmine of danger for a scared pup who might have some erratic behavior. While you’re moving and positioning large items, make sure to establish a safe space for your dog to stay.


Give Your Dog Lots of Love

In addition to keeping them safe and maintaining their routine, make sure to show your dog plenty of love and attention. This can help squash any insecurities they may be feeling about their standing in the pack.


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