You’re tying the knot. You’re jumping the broom. You’re saying the big ‘I do’! Congrats!


Starting this new crazy ride called marriage is a big and exciting adventure. It’s one that in modern times often includes whittling down the yours and mine of everything from dishes to furniture. Because chances are, you both already have stuff.


You don’t need the linens and dishes young couples did in the ‘50s and ‘60s. You bought your own Vitamix at Costco just last year. (And it’s fabulous!) What you and your new forever-boo really need comes with a door, roof, and monthly payment that helps you build equity. Or more specifically (and reasonably), you need the down payment.


Winning in Seattle’s Competitive Homebuying Market

It’s no secret. Buying a home in the Seattle area is competitive. Home prices continue to rise, which increases down payment costs. Rent has been on a steady uptick, which reduces the monthly savings for many individuals.


Rather than china you’ll never use or replacing your perfectly good stemless wine glasses, registering for a down payment can give you and your partner the cash you need to buy.


No Mom. Registering for Your Down Payment isn’t Tacky.

In some cultures, cash wedding gifts are the norm. Alter-bound lovebirds in the Jewish, Chinese, and Hindu communities regularly receive lump sums. However, there used to be a stigma among many Americans outside these groups that giving money was ‘tacky.’


Times have changed. According to the 2016 study by National Association of Realtors, one-in-four home buyers named gifts from family and friends as their second most popular source for a down payment.


Plus, with online crowdfunding registries like Honeyfund and Zola, it’s never been easier to tell loved ones what you really need.


Save Your Paper Trail 

Your lender will need to see that your down payment is yours and not a secret loan. Most online registry sites will keep the necessary documentation. However, if you receive gifts in the form of cash or check, you’ll want to get a signed letter detailing that the sum is a gift.


Keep Friends and Family Involved

It’s always a good idea to send a thank you note when you receive a gift. When you receive a gift that’s as big as a home, you might think about sending two. Once you’ve moved in, send out an announcement sharing the good news. It’ll give your friends and family all the warm and fuzzies.


Talk to Dan today to find out where you stand and start setting your down payment goals.